Social Media Marketing

Creating Your Social Brand

Let’s get one thing straight! NO ONE logs onto their social media account to shop for your products, however users do “shop” for VALUABLE content. Your brand must do more than simply be present on social media. This is a space where your brand must shine by adding value to your audience through a strong social voice and brand identity. Brands must engage and interact with clients, provide a sense of community and deliver valuable eye catching content that is relative to your audience.

Did You Know?

The average daily global use of social media applications amounts to approximately 135 minutes; a whopping 2.5 hours per day. There are over 800 million active users on Instagram each day and more than 600,000 new users joining facebook daily. (resource

Which is why it is critical for your business to have a strong presence on social media platforms.


Advertising on Social Media

Sad, But True: If you have a business page on Facebook or Instagram you may not realize that less than 5% of your audience will actually see your content. Facebook’s algorithm has been slowly reducing your business pages visibility within your own followers news feeds for years.

The Cold Hard Truth: The Fact is that if you want your business to be discovered on social media you will need to use Facebook and Instagram ad.

The Good News? Media Squad’s expert team of FB and IG Ad specialists ensure your ads are being delivered to the right target audience, increase social engagement, drive traffic to your website and get you more business leads.

Media Squad works with you to create a voice for your brand so that your message can be heard.

  • Social Media Brand Strategy
  • Social Page Development/ Maintenance
  • Facebook & Instagram Page Management
  • Creative Content – Images and Copy
  • Messaging Management

Media Squad offers social media services both Ala carte and as customized packages.

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  • Ad Campaign Development: Each business is unique, each with its own set of goals. Media Squad develops your ad campaigns based on your individual business needs.
  • Ad Types: Video, Image, Collection, Carousel, SlideShow, Canvas, Messenger Ads, Lead Generation Ad, Offers, Post Engagement, Event Response and Page Likes
  • Create cleaver call to action, copy and imagery
  • Contents and promotions
  • Lead magnets

Custom Audience Creation

Media Squad’s goal is to market to individuals that are most likely to buy your product by:

  • Create an audience based on your desired demographic customer profile.
  • Create an audience if individuals that are already in your customer database.
  • Expand existing audience based on existing client profiles best matches.
  • Create an audience based individuals that are already shopping for your products.

Lead Generating Funnels

Funnel are not just for the kitchen: A funnel is a multistage process that takes your prospect from the first interaction with your brand to the ultimate goal;

  • Client Conversion and ROI (return on investment)
  • Pixel development
  • Pixel Marketing
  • Retargeting

Grow your Following: Growing your following can be a daunting task but absolutely necessary for your social credibility. Users are 78% more likely to engage in social content from a credible source. Credibility on social platforms is earned through creative and engaging content, the amount of followers each profile has and the amount of social interaction on your posts.


NO FAKES HERE! We don’t buy likes and followers.


Media Squad manifest them by:

  • Creating engaging and visually stimulating social content
  • We share the love. We like and engage with users!
  • Tag, share, re-post and use proper hashtags and geotags

Influencer Marketing

Tapping into influencers and celebrities to present your brand to their audience is one of the most powerful tools available on the market today. Influencers and celebrities have an authority over their following or your potential buyer:

  • Research influencer opportunities in your market
  • Manage Influencer communications
  • Organize posting, content, hashtags and copy with influencer
  • Repost / post / ad creation

Media Squad offers social media services both Ala carte and as customized packages.
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