Hack your Instagram strategy for the results you want

The definition of success on Instagram varies from person to person. For businesses, it may entail a rise in sales on a monthly basis, while for creators, it could mean sustained growth in followers. Once you’ve established your objectives, you can concentrate on particular Instagram metrics that can aid you in achieving them. So, how can you do this? By using the reverse engineering approach. Discover how to apply the reverse engineering method to your Instagram strategy and accomplish your desired goals in the section below.

Goal #1: Get More Likes

Receiving a greater number of likes on Instagram is critical for the algorithm, as well as a measure of how well your content is resonating with your followers. However, how can you increase the chances of getting those double-taps? The probability of your audience liking your post is highest when they can connect with it. Consider incorporating humorous memes, motivational quotes, and informative Reels to engage with your audience. Our next advice? Prioritize strong visuals. As a visual platform, Instagram content that is on-brand, adheres to a particular aesthetic (even if it’s simple), and is visually appealing will instantly capture attention. Lastly, acknowledge positive milestones, such as commemorating the anniversary of your initial sale or reaching 10K followers. Let your audience act as your supporters and celebrate with you.

Goal #2: Get More Comments

Crafting impactful captions can be a valuable asset in motivating your audience to engage with your posts. By incorporating a well-defined call-to-action (CTA) in your caption, such as a direct question, you can notably boost the number of comments you receive on a post. Be imaginative with your inquiries: request suggestions, advice, or a related follow-up question on your content’s subject matter. Additionally, you can encourage your audience to introduce themselves and share about themselves. This strategy can not only provide you with a better understanding of your followers but can also serve as inspiration for future posts. Although it’s great to increase the number of comments on your posts, it’s equally important to respond to them. After all, being social on social media is the ultimate goal!

Goal #3: Get More Saves

Saves are a significant metric for the Instagram algorithm, however, some posts are more likely to be saved than others. Posts that provide educational or informative content, such as recipes, how-to-guides, and infographics, offer valuable information that can assist in solving a problem, making them more likely to be saved. Moreover, the information doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to the image or video itself. Including additional details in your caption can also prompt an increase in saves.

To summarize, create posts that your audience will find valuable enough to save and refer back to later!

Goal #4: Get More Shares

To enhance shares, consider what will strike a chord with your audience and make them pause as they scroll. One of the most effective approaches is through relatable content, such as memes. If something evokes laughter from your audience, they’re more likely to share it with their friends. You don’t require a degree in meme-making to achieve this. You can repost memes that are popular in your community (giving due credit and with permission), or add text to a trending meme image promptly (utilizing Instagram’s fonts). Another effective method to boost the number of shares for your posts is by conducting an Instagram giveaway. Regardless of the prize, make sure to set the entry criteria to include liking, commenting, and sharing the post to their story (while tagging your profile). Then, sit back and watch the shares flow in.


Goal #5:  Get More Followers

Expanding your Instagram following is synonymous with establishing a community for your brand, wherein your followers represent your most dedicated and engaged audience. However, how can you obtain more followers on Instagram? Initially, you can capitalize on the communities you’ve created on other platforms: Add a social media button to your website or blog, include your handle in your email signature, and cross-promote your account on TikTok, Twitter, or Pinterest. Next, ensure that you have a compelling Instagram bio that conveys to visitors precisely what your account represents. By doing this, any random person who comes across your profile can identify who you are, what you do, and the type of content you typically produce.

Lastly, ensure that you maintain consistency in your content:
-Are you covering a core set of topics?
-Do you post frequently?
-Do you have a clear brand voice and narrative?
-Do you possess a distinctive visual style?

Your Instagram grid need not have an impeccably polished aesthetic, but it should be comprehensible, coherent, and easy-to-follow from the outset. A strong first impression, once people come across your profile, will motivate them to hit that Follow button.

Goal #6: I Want to… Get More Clicks

If your objective is to divert traffic to other destinations, there are a few methods that can motivate your audience to click through. One of the simplest is to incorporate link stickers into your Instagram Stories. With a Stories approach that includes templates, branded visuals, and/or a robust CTA, you can create a new way for followers to directly access your latest blog post or product launch. You can also utilize Instagram’s product tagging feature to make your products more discoverable and easily shoppable within the app. However, it is essential to write captions that encourage clicks and highlight your product’s key features, focusing on your brand’s purpose.

Optimizing the link in your bio is another strategy for directing traffic to your website. The link in your bio is the sole clickable link on your Instagram profile, making it ideal real estate for driving clicks to your website. However, with just one link to work with, it can be difficult to decide which link to use. This is where a tool like Linkin.bio / LinkTree or other can prove useful. Offering an infinite number of buttons with links to your blog, website, affiliate page, or any other destination where you wish to direct traffic, Social links to your profiles on other platforms…as well as many other options to customize your page. Once you have a precise understanding of what you aim to accomplish on Instagram, you can customize your approach to attain specific outcomes.

The only thing left to do is to monitor your progress (utilizing Instagram analytics) and adapt your tactics as necessary. Remember that results may not occur immediately, so patience is key. Keep track of your performance, enhance your content, and repeat the process. With perseverance and consistency, you’ll soon achieve the outcomes you desire! 🚀